About Us


liber the roman god of fine drinks and good timesLIBER & CO. is devoted to the art of making exceptional cocktails. We craft a suite of essential bar syrups to help you, the cocktail lover, enjoy a world of better drinks. Liber & Co. started as a personal project, born from our collective appreciation for the craft of the cocktail and the pleasures of drinking them.


The 80s and 90s were the dark ages of cocktails. Appletinis and fluorescent-colored shots ruled the day and well-made classics were hard to find. Thankfully, we’re now in the middle of a food and drink renaissance and today’s cocktail culture has reclaimed the art of drinking well.

Over the last decade, quality and attention to detail have driven this return to craft, and distilleries have produced exceptional spirits and liqueurs to help raise the bar. Bitters have exploded from two old standards to dozens of quality producers, and freshly juiced citrus has become the only acceptable offering in any bar worth its drink. Behind it all, devoted bartenders have worked tirelessly to reestablish the craft of the cocktail.

On the whole, we are all drinking better now than ever, and we have superior bartenders and ingredients to thank for this. 


In 2011, we noticed that something was missing. While high-end spirits, liqueurs and bitters meant that everyone could obtain most of what's needed to make better cocktails, there was still a problem for the discerning drinker. An entire ingredient category remained overlooked. No one offered quality cocktail syrups – the essentials required for hundreds of great drinks. Instead, artificially flavored corn syrups were peddled as substitutes, and anyone seeking an authentic drink was left wanting.

We started Liber & Co. to fill this void. We aim to complete your bar so that you can enjoy dozens of excellent cocktails.


To satisfy today’s discerning drinker, we knew we wouldn’t be cutting any corners. From the start, we’ve crafted our syrups to be at once excellent and authentic in flavor. These commitments mean that our raw ingredients are supremely important to us. The quality of our products depends directly on what goes in them, so sourcing the best raw ingredients available is absolutely paramount. Our ingredients come from a variety of growers and farmers, from world-renowned Texas grapefruit orchards, to a small, family-run pomegranate farm in California. We seek out these best suppliers and foster great relationships with them.


Sourcing our great ingredients is only one side of the coin – crafting them into world-class bar syrups is equally important, and arguably more difficult. Unlike for brewing and wine making, there are no how-to books for making craft cocktail syrups at scale. Without a blueprint to guide us, we did what any young business does: we scavenged ideas, tested them, and then put them together to create our own blueprint. From chocolatiers we poached the water bath design of our custom process tank, which combines an even heating pattern with efficient mixing to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

From wineries we learned clean liquid-transfer techniques and methods of filtration that allow us to process real fruits and vegetables. Just like our ingredients, wine is a sensitive product that must be expertly handled to ensure its quality. In short, world-class cocktail syrups demand world-class attention to detail at every step. Our medley of processing equipment is unique, and perfectly designed to bring you the best-tasting and most authentic cocktail syrups possible.




Adam graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in philosophy and economics. While a student, he worked part-time at Liber & Co.

"The very day after graduating from UT is when I started working full-time. Now I’m involved in all aspects of the business with my twin brother and best friend. I really like what I’m doing, especially the creative aspects of it, and really can’t picture myself doing anything else."

Adam is a seriously good cook, plays basketball and enjoys strumming his guitars. His favorite cocktail is the Old Fashioned.


Chris graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in biology, and then headed off to Lawrence, KS to work in a genetics lab.

"Working in a genetics lab is really no different from developing recipes in Liber & Co.'s test kitchen. Many of the same principles and procedures apply, as well as the discipline and precision. But being here is way more fun…I get to research the history of cocktails and ingredients, and of course, there's the taste testing. Yeah, I suppose it's very different here...and better, too!"

Chris is also an accomplished cook, and in his free time, he enjoys photography. His favorite cocktail is the Mai Tai.


Rob graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in philosophy and government. After spending 4 years behind a desk in D.C., he returned to Austin to devote his time and energy to cocktail syrups.

"For me, the trade-off became clear; I could remain in D.C. and be part of the excitement there, or go back to Austin to work full-time bootstrapping the company I started with my brother and friend. Needless to say, I packed up and headed back to Austin."

Rob’s hobbies are travel, golf and basketball, and his favorite cocktail is the Jack Rose.