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Reviving a legendary cocktail – the Pisco Punch

2 min read

Perhaps no city’s cocktail history is as closely associated with one drink as San Francisco’s is with Pisco Punch.

During the California Gold Rush in the early-mid 19th wide-open frontier town home to a variety of people...

How to Photograph Cocktails

4 min read

Cocktails are notoriously difficult to photograph for three main reasons.

The drinks you’re shooting are almost exclusively going to be in highly reflective glassware, making glares, reflections...

The Old Fashioned Cocktail

2 min read

The Old Fashioned cocktail is aptly named. You can arguably consider it the archetypal cocktail that has best stood the test of time. Quite deservingly, the Old Fashioned is often claimed as one's "favorite" cocktail. Let’s take a look at what makes it such a great drink.

  1. It’s one of the oldest cocktails. Consider George Kappeler’s 1895 book Modern American Drinks first recorded reference to the “Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail”:

Essential Glassware For Your Bar

3 min read

The proper cocktail requires the proper glassware. Every glass is designed with a purpose in mind, and matching your cocktail to its ideal glass is a vital step in creating any good drink. Some glasses are designed to keep cocktails cold, while others are intended to capture the aromatics of the ingredients.

Below are the essential pieces you’ll need in your bar to have your cocktail bases covered.

Easy Brandy Punch Recipes for Gameday

2 min read

This is the time of year that we all look forward to the most. Football season is just around the corner, and calendars have already been marked for the biggest games on our respective teams’ schedules.

If we have any chance at staying sane during the inevitable last-minute drives that will decide the games,
there will definitely need to be cocktails at our football watch parties. 

Derby Day 2013

1 min read

With a setting like 
Springdale Farm, 2013's Derby Day celebration was a guaranteed success. 
That's not entirely true, but the picture above details the flawless scenery of Austin's renowned urban farm nonetheless. 

Timeless: The Sherry Cobbler

1 min read

At this point, self-preservation measures are required. If you're out and about, proceed with caution and a refreshing beverage.

For the latter, the timeless sherry cobbler is a fine bet. It's a truly classic option during the kind of blistering temperatures that August habitually brings. The drink has a rich American history and was in fact heralded as the most popular cocktail during...

Provenance Food & Wine Interview

7 min read

Reposted from Provenance's blog.

What began as three friends making drinks together after class in college has led to quite the career for Texas natives Adam, Chris, and Robert. Since founding Liber & Co. in 2011, these guys have been introducing their customer base to fantastic syrups and fruit shrubs (preserving fruit with vinegar) to be used in cocktails like the classic Gin and Tonic. Provenance staffer Nathan was lucky enough to catch up with these busy guys to find out a little more about this Austin-based company.